Bondi Beach Graffiti Wall

In keeping with Bondi’s urban-chic vibe, not far from the Bondi Skatepark, along the promenade at Bondi Beach, you’ll find the Bondi Graffiti Wall, an expansive mural that extends along the beachfront, and has been there since the 1960s.


Although Bondi is home to a great deal more street art, found among its many laneways and backstreets, the Graffiti Wall on the promenade is the area’s most-famous, and indeed, one of the few truly artistic contributions to the street art genre in Sydney and the rest of the state.



Bondi beach graffit wall

While graffiti and street art are generally frowned upon, if not entirely prohibited, in most regions of New South Wales, Bondi is one of the few areas in the state where street art isn’t just legal, but also encouraged.


According to the Waverley Council, the area’s street art and graffiti, the work of Bondi’s local artists - and some visiting ones, too - contributes to Bondi’s unique, vibrant sense of community, where it’s diverse population can live and feel supported. And so, Waverley Council regularly commissions new artists to contribute to the mural sites along the promenade.


Getting There: The Graffiti Wall is located to the left of the Bondi Skatepark, along the promenade at Bondi Beach.


Highlights: The Girl With a Frangipani In Her Hair, a mural created in memory of the local 15-year-old, Chloe Byron, who was killed in the 2002 Bali Bombings.


Don’t Forget: To do some serious Iphoneography!

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